Preparing for Athletics Day

Earlier today after morning tea our class was practicing for athletics day. Our coach was called  coach Bart. At first we learned how to run properly and to run properly we needed to keep our heads up and run on our toes and to not look down. Meanwhile we played a game called sheep and dogs. The game is where there are two taggers or dogs and the rest are sheep. The dogs have to try to tag the sheep and if the dog tags the sheep with the monkey noodle then they have to run out the cones and run around the square.

After that we went back to the hedge and did actual running and in my group of four it had me, Olivia, Graziel and Jaeden . Jaeden was the first one up to run, then Graziel, then after Olivia it was me. After I ran I was kind of exhausted  but soon I was okay again. After a few rounds we did 2 people running, one racing the one in front of them so Olivia had to try get Graziel but before they started running one person had to stand on the orange cone and one had to stand on a blue cone.

After we practiced running we practiced jumping. When we got an animal and we laid down on the grass and put the animal on top of our heads then we all stood back up and lined behind the totally invisible line. When we were all lined up coach Bart explained what we had to do. We had to try to jump over our  animal that was still on the grass and if we jumped farther then the animal we had to move the animal between our feet. I struggled at first but after a few tries I made it! I was very proud of myself.

Soon the session was finished and I was a bit sad but happy that I learned new things! I enjoyed practicing for athletics day!



The process of making our class movie

For the last few weeks my class has been making a movie called “The stolen princess.” First before we started we created potato people. My potato at first was kind of  small and had started to grow roots on its small head. I made mine as a normal citizen. I struggled at first but then I finally did it.

The materials I used were glue, purple material, plastic flowers and I used ribbon to try to make a purple halo to match the clothes. After we finished making our potato people we started to plan what our story would be about.

Meanwhile we finally got an idea what our story was going to be. We started to make a background scenery and I was in the group that was making the inside of the castle. We also made thrones for the potato king, the potato queen and the potato princess.

The background scenery was the evil layer, the party scene and the rocket. When I was painting the background for the inside of the palace I got a lot of red paint on my jumper but luckily when iIgot home my mum did not get angry.. Phew!

Before I started painting the other people in my group helped me make thrones for the king, queen and the princess oh and yes we also painted the thrones in purple! Once we all finished making our potatoes we started to record and make the film. We had help from Mrs Toland.

When we finished filming the potatoes we did the voice over part. When my group was doing the voice part we had a lot of laughing happening! We all enjoyed making the movie and we hope you enjoy watching it on the big screen along with us.

How to wrap a present

Introduction: We can wrap presents for other people and at special times in the year.

Equipment: present, wrapping paper, scissors, a hard surface and cellotape.

Steps needed:                                                                                                                                                                                                 1. Roll out your wrapping paper.                                                                                                                                                               2. Next get your present and put it on the wrapping paper.                                                                                                                3. After that cut out your wrapping paper larger than your present.                                                                                                4. Meanwhile cut 3 pieces of tape and put them onto your hard surface.                                                                                         5.  Next  fold your wrapping paper over the present. (both sides)                                                                                                     6. After that put tape in the middle so it does not unfold.                                                                                                                   7. Next fold the sides of the paper and bring it over to the top.                                                                                                         8. Stick a tape on the fold.                                                                                                                                                                        9. Do the same with the other side.

Conclusion: Now your present is wrapped and ready to be given.


Legit or Fake?

      Today we were learning about what is legit or fake on the internet. When we are online it is important to keep all your personal information to yourself. In our story, the moral of the story was to never judge a person by their looks if they look innocent or if they look guilty.

Swimming Lessons

Last term for the last two weeks our school had swimming lessons everyday at the CLM pool in the bays. For the first two days I could not go swimming because I was sick but on the third day I was able to go swimming! The first to go were the little kids, then the boys and the last to go were the girls. When it was just the girls left we would get changed and wait for the bus to arrive!

When we got to the pools I was so excited but I was also a little bit nervous. When we got inside the pool I was so cold but eventually it got warmer! The instructor was called Paris. She was very nice. All the classes were in different lanes. My favourite thing was jumping in and playing games. I also liked doing the fun races! I learned how  to swim on my back and at the end of the lesson we could jump into the pool by making a big splash. Then we went to get our towels and go back to school.

On the last day of swimming lessons there was a boat in the pool but we had to put a life jacket on first. I was so excited to start swimming! In the end we would turn around and one of the instructors would push us randomly into the pool. When I got pushed I was so surprised! Even though it was the end of swimming I had a lot of fun! The bus trips were fun too! When we got out of the bus I was freezing so I quickly got changed!. I enjoyed swimming so much!

Animations Blog – The trip to the beach

We have been making animations on our Chromebooks in google slides. My story is about a Dad and a son who go to the beach and they see a shark but they were safe from him and after that they go back home and have a good sleep.
I really enjoyed this because I got to experience new things and make pictures using shapes. My favorite part was when  I could use my creativity to make a car and a house.

Ki o rahi

Last Thursday a visitor came into the classroom. Her name was coach Chelsea and this term she is going to teach us a new ball game called Ki o rahi. Before we went outside to play some games we watched a video about the Maori legend.  A few minutes later we went outside. It was raining so we could not go on the fields so we just went to the canopy. Ki o rahi is a Maori game which needs two teams, equipment and a small ball called a ki. Each team needs seven players. 

 I was so excited to learn this new game!. We did not play ki o rahi but we did play some awesome tag games!. My favourite one we played was called “octopus”. Octopus was a game where there were two taggers. One of them will say something that you’re wearing and if you’re wearing that clothing you have to run if you are not wearing that clothing you have to stay and for the runners who are running they have to run to the other side of the canopy. When it was the end and coach Chelsea had to go I was very sad because I had a lot of fun.









Nicole Making a Tree Hut

The last week of term 1 was the best because our class was going to make our own tree huts. We all started collecting recycled materials to build our tree huts with. On the first day I was struggling to make the base stable. I made the base with 2 paper rolls and wooden cut-offs.


 The next day I started to make my tree hut using a small cardboard box and then I decided to make the ladder. I made the ladder out of a small cardboard piece and stuck ice block sticks onto the small cardboard. Meanwhile I started to make the roof. It was challenging to make the roof because it kept making the tree hut fall over. Eventually I managed to put the roof on. Whew! 


The third day I just put on some polystyrene marshmallows for decorations. My hut kept falling over because I had put too much glue on it. Meanwhile I had an idea to wait for the glue to dry so I could put a little bit of glue to stick the polystyrene marshmallows onto the house. And it worked! Yay!


On the last day of school I finally got to paint my tree hut. After the paint had dried, Mrs Yumul helped me to cover the windows using clear plastic to make it water resistant. 


Meanwhile it was time for the success criteria. The whole class gathered under the canopy to check if our projects met the criteria – water resistant, wind resistant and weight resistant. Mine managed to pass and I felt so proud of myself.  I totally enjoyed doing the painting and cutting out recycled materials. I LOVE my tree hut!!