The Anzac Ted

A few weeks ago we finished doing our reading so we started to do something called novel study. For my novel study I decided to choose this book called “Anzac Ted”. I went with the activity where u had to make a comic strip about what happened in the book. This is my comic strip:

2023 Touch Tournament

On November 1st we all walked down to Dunkirk park to do our touch tournament. There were 42 kids in our school who participated in the touch tournament. We left our school at around 8:45 and did a quick karakia. Once we arrived at Dunkirk Park Mr Bell and the others prepared the mat and put our bags on the corner so the mat wouldn’t fly away. After Mr Bell finished setting up the mat he went to the area where the assistants and members were to see the schedule for the games.


 While we waited we all stretched and did some exercise. The first group to play were the year 5-6 girls at field 5 versus the Sylvia Park girls. The Sylvia Park girls were really fast so I couldn’t really catch up.After our first game I was out of breath but both teams didn’t get any tries. The girls and I went back to the mat and got a drink of water and something small to eat. We didn’t eat a lot because if we do we might get bloated and not be able to play properly.


A few minutes later we went to the other area to watch the senior boys play. Their game looked more tough than ours but it was alright. We cheered them on while they played and they all played really good.After that round we went to go watch the senior girls do their touch play. Soon we went all the way to the other side of the field to play our last game.


Once we were there we waited for a bit for our turn then selected the six girls who were gonna go play for the first bit of the game. I was really happy that it was our last game because I felt really exhausted.After halftime I decided to sub out because I was too tired to continue playing so I went to Zenalia and got a drink of water. Once it was full time we went back to our area and put our shoes on and got our bags.


We soon started walking back to school and I already wanted to sleep. My foot and legs felt so sore so me and Zenalia took a 3 second break on the grass.Once we arrived at school we waited for the other kids to finish class. While we waited we played Games and just rested under the tree. I didn’t really wanna play so I just picked out some flowers with Zenalia.

My 2021 Christmas


In 2021 It was Christmas morning. I woke up at around 7:00 am because I was just so excited to open the gifts under the Christmas tree. On the Christmas tree my mom and I put some Christmas lights and some shiny decorations and we also added a shiny yellow star right on the top of the Christmas tree.


I made my bed and I went downstairs to eat breakfast. My dad turned on the radio and put on some Christmas songs. For breakfast I had some pancakes with some syrup and Milo. There were so many presents under the tree.


The first present I opened was a small rectangular box which had a label coming from one of my mom’s friends. I quickly unwrapped the present just to find a cardboard box inside. I tried to open it but instead I got a cut. I asked my dad to get my scissors and open the cardboard box. Inside the cardboard box was a black case with a silver necklace which had a Cross design.


The next gift was a big square gift wrapped in blue wrapping paper. Inside the gift was a big lego collection with around 100-200 pieces. After I opened all my presents I went next door to Jamie’s and Jaeden’s house to see what they got for Christmas.


For the rest of the day my parents and I went out to a lot of places like the park and Botanical Garden.

Our Visit To The Stone Cottage

Yesterday after morning tea we lined up and waited for Mr Bell. We were going to go to the Stone Cottage. A few minutes later Mrs Yumul and Mr Bell came back and we started walking down to the gate. We walked across the pedestrian and walked down to the cottage. A really nice man and lady introduced themselves. They told us that the stone cottage used to be where the Mcdonalds were near Fresh N Save.

After they introduced themselves they welcomed us inside and showed us a tour of the first room. The first room had a very old but pretty lady sitting down on a chair. The lady told us that this was the room where all the men sat down and Drank. On the walls were a few paintings. One of the paintings was drawn by a 13 year old girl. Another portrait was of one of the very first women to arrive here in Panmure.

The next room was a bedroom which had a doll sitting down in a crib next to the bed. The lady showed us a bowl. She asked “ Do any of you know what this is?” we all nodded. She told us it was a potty. There were no toilets in the house so they would have to do their privacy in the potty. The lady showed us old-fashioned clothes and things to shave and things they used to put in their hair/beards.

We walked down the stairs to the kitchen and it looked very different to the kitchens we have now. In the middle there was a fireplace with a glass cabinet on the left corner which had a lot of books inside. In front of the fireplace was a big square table which had a book and a lot of very old artefacts.

The stairs to go upstairs were very steep and the roof wasn’t that tal. Upstairs there were 2 rooms. One was a bedroom and the other room was a room that had really precious artefacts. We all had to split into two groups because we all couldn’t fit in one room all together. The bedroom didn’t have a lot of things inside but there was another doll sitting in a crib on the left side of the bed. On the right side of the room there was a mannequin wearing light pink in front of the window.

The next room had a glass cabinet which had a lot of old-fashioned accessories and things they used to use in the old days but got replaced with modern things. One of the items was a hat. It was a school hat which was black and had no designs. I looked out the window and saw Room 8. We exited the room and went downstairs. I was a bit nervous going down the stairs because it was so steep and I was afraid I was going to miss a step.

We went outside and walked back to school. We all ran back to the canopy and got ready to do some pe.

Mary and The Rosary

This week we learned about the Rosary and how Mary has a very special connection with Jesus. We learned about the parts of the Rosary and how to begin and end the Rosary. Every morning we would say one decade of the rosary. Our teacher told us to make a DLO of the Rosary and how Mary has a connection with Jesus. This is what Angel and I have created:

Ballet In A Box

Last Friday our school was invited to watch this ballet show in Manukau. We took two buses and drove on the motorway to the location. Room 7 and Room 8 had to be partnered up with a room 1 and 2 and had to look after them during the trip. I was partnered with this really sweet, kind girl and she was super excited to see the show.

When we got there we sat behind our partner in 2 lines and ate our morning tea while waiting for the theater to open. We finished eating but the theater was still not open and 3 of the senior boys started a game and included a lot of people who wanted to join the game and we all had fun while waiting.

A few minutes after the game had just finished we lined up quietly and entered the theater. The theater looked really old but was very big. We went to our seats and waited for the show to begin.

Soon after the lights went out and the red curtains opened. A lady entered the stage and introduced herself and the dancers. She all told us to clap when we see something impressive and cool, we clapped A LOT. I noticed that some of the girls were on pointe shoes but some weren’t. The dancers were so graceful and so talented. They did a lot of spins and leaps but they weren’t that big. The last dance was really good and it was such an amazing story.

Our Ballet Lesson

A few weeks ago we had somebody come in and teach us a few ballet moves. She taught us the first 5 ballet positions and showed us some small jumps. She was really kind and was really patient with the dancing. After we have learnt the positions and some small jumps she made a small dance out of it and practiced it a few times without and with the music.

After we finished that, she showed us one of her split jumps and taught us a few tips on doing it. after she was done talking we all lined up beside each other and did small bunny hops with a little leap in the middle of it. She taught us how to start the leap and finish the leap and showed us most of the things you would have to do to learn how to do a leap.

The lesson didn’t take that long and we finished during lunch time. That day i wasn’t really energetic because i didn’t feel well and had a headache but I really enjoyed the lesson.